What is An Appetite for Books & Cookies?



Welcome to my blog, An Appetite for Books & Cookies. I hope to make finding good books to read as easy as ABC.


I love children’s books and thought this would be a fun place to meet and talk with parents, grandparents, teachers, librarians, and of course, children, about their favorite books. Who knows? I might even have a famous author stop by.

How do the cookies fit in, you ask? Quite nicely, when you snuggle up with that special little person in your life and read… Just don’t forget the napkins!


So, I’ll ask you first:


What is your special book from childhood?

What is your child’s favorite book?

Do you have a cookie you’d choose over any other?


I’ll be asking people and sharing their book choices right here, along with some yummy cookie recipes, to help inspire reading, snuggling, and baking.


I hope you’ll share my Appetite for Books & Cookies,





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